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Lopez and Associates provides behavioral health services to include but not limited to employee assistance programs.  When employees are distracted or affected by personal or familial issues, it makes them less productive.  In addition, losing an employee to life affecting events causes an increase in costs to the organization.

Life Care Planning provides the means whereby a person who has sustained a catastrophic injury may have their future needs evaluated, researched, standardized, and quantified so that necessary reserves may be developed.  In addition, consideration to subrogation to other entities such as Medicare are taken into consideration.

Vocational rehabilitation is the process of assisting individuals with disabilities explore alternate and appropriate vocational and career choices.  Vocational case management involves the interaction with the individual as well as medical professionals, allied health care professionals, insurance providers, and employers in striving to achieve their vocational goals.  We have worked with injured workers, disabled veterans, and individuals who are seeking their vocational goals. 

Career guidance is also available in assisting people seek and identify vocational options for which they have a love and passion in performing.  Thus, their career is not just a job, it is a career.

Organizations have a large investment in their employees.  This human capital at times does not function as well as it should, which affects the business outcomes.  We work with companies to identify problem areas, develop conflict resolution methods, improve communication between management and staff, and work with management to provide the channel whereby the business goals may be achieved and benefit stakeholders of the organization.

We look forward to serving you personally and offer the services that are best suited to your needs.